Time – One of the Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service

I have owned First Maids for over 12 years and while I am talking with my clients, doing the books, or training my cleaning techs (I have to say … I have the best maids in the world!!!), I often think about what exactly the homeowner will do with the extra time in their life I gave them. Will they take the “Time” and spend it with their children, or will they work more hours to make more money, or maybe they might just relax with a book. It really doesn’t matter to me how they spend their “Time” after all it is their time.

However, I am reminded of the simple but thought provoking words Jim Rohn said about ‘Time’, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”  If you think about his words, they ring true! There is nothing I can do to make me a teenager again. That part of my life is gone. I can’t go back.

Another similar thought is … Do people dying say on their deathbed … “I need to make more money”? No, they all want the same thing, more time or they want to see their loved ones. I think that giving people their time back is perhaps the most valuable thing we provide for our customers.

I like to think that our customers are some of the smartest people in the world. Why? Because they hire us to do the things they don’t like to do, which frees up their time to do the things they enjoy doing. Very few people find joy from cleaning a toilet.  We do. We love cleaning and if cleaning involves us sticking our hands in a toilet, we’ll do it!

They also hire us for our expertise. We know the right way to clean. Yes, there is a wrong way to clean. The right way to clean saves time and produces wonderful results.

So … if you are spending your time cleaning your home and you would rather be doing other things … pick up the phone and call us. We love to clean! We love to give you your time back.


About First Maid

I own and operate a home cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL. I have owned the maid service for over 14 years so I know what I am doing by now. Our maids are just incredible. I love all of my girls... they are simply the best! I hope to have some wonderfully exciting things to talk about. I think the vast majority of the stuff will be about cleaning homes and maids and dust and dirt and things going on in Jacksonville, FL.
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